Ryderville Ink

I found my way to tattoo by the way of the woodcut print.  Unknowingly, I was following a great Asian tradition of woodcut artists also taking on the tattoo work of the community. My style reflects tradition but is firmly rooted in my own individual creative vision. My fine art has always been rooted in figurative work- drawing and sculpting the human form. Eventually this lead to giant woodcut prints of bodies in traditional Japanese style with the urgency and force of the German Expressionists.  For years I carved the body into wood, followed by the rolling on of ink, and the final act of printing on thick fleshy paper. It was natural evolution that led me to directly etch ink directly into the skin. I am very attracted to a loose, open dry brush look on a body like the tattoo is painted on. I call this Sumi Style. When I was very little my uncle began teaching himself how to be a tattoo artist.  At eight years old I watched him build machines, fashion sharps and etch designs into skin at his home shop.  I remember pleading to him for the knowledge and was reassured that someday I would grow and could learn the art then. In my shop I have dozens of art books of the great masters and beyond to inspire my designs.I lean toward naturalist imagery full and lush, but with restraint, using as much of the flesh as open space within the tattoo as possible creating a cohesive blend of art and human integration. I love to do tiny line detail work, color with open edges, and the fundamentals of black and white design.

I am eager to work with people on custom designs and I have the ability to ‘see’ the dreams and hope and affirmations that clients describe that will translate into amazing permanent and highly personal body art.

I am by appointment only but find myself in the shop making art much of the time.
Please call or text or stop by and I can arrange a meeting for a consult.
I have lots of original drawings on the wall for people who want something, but have not put their finger on it yet. I am available for people who already know what they want and have art in hand.

Rate:  180.00 per hour

Located in Winslow on Bainbridge Island in Washington on the Water Front.